Blogger Tutorials for Newbie

Posted by Arif Hidayatullah on Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hi  Blogger Tutorials friends. In this post I will inform you about blogger tutorials for beginners ranging (Newbie) from how to create a blog up to optimize your blog like submit your blog to search engines, ping your blog, and how to write a SEO friendly post, so your blog can be the top position in SERP and will certainly increase your blog visitors.

Blogger tutorials for newbie

To be a successful blogger, first and foremost thing you should do is how to start it. Of course, many things we have to prepare and we should really seriously and try to do the best for this because of what we do now will impact on the future of our blog.

Please follow these steps as initial steps to become a successful blogger: 

  1. Make a blog for free. Click here to read more how to make your blog.
  2. Submit your blog to search engines. This step is very important to make our blog indexed by search engines.
  3. Write a SEO friendly post.
  4. Automatic Meta tag on all articles 
  5. Ping your blog after publish a post
  6. How to Increas traffic visitors to your blog

Well blogger tutorials friends, That tips and tricks about how to become a successful blogger. of course there are many other ways you can do to become a successful blogger. I hope my post can be useful for you. Thanks for visit my blog.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you emphasized starting all of this right away. IF you don't optimize your blog from day 1 then you may put yourself in an seo whole that even the best seo company can't get you out of. You've definitely got all the steps down, just create some great content and you'll be good to go

Arif said...

It's true. I just started this blog a few days ago, and I have prepared all necessary steps to develop a blog. thanks for visiting.

Kee Garcia said...

Wow! I like what I read here! All of them are helpful. I think I'll use them for my future references, we're on the same niche and I love your writing style. Your instructions here are super easy and super easy to understand.

A newbie blogger will be blogging more often if they gonna read your helpful posts. Your posts are worth sharing! All of them should be learned by a blogger. Newbie or pro. Keep writing quality stuffs like this.

khushbooparee said...

very good friend...

Serendib Computer Systems said...

Matthew Steffen said...

It is really an awesome and fantastic blog post regarding Blogger Tutorials. It'll certainly help newbie bloggers. Thanks for sharing this.
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Ataur Rahman said...

This is a really nice and helpful post thanks for the create content. Great post, these are really helpful for newbie bloggers.

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