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Posted by Arif Hidayatullah on Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hi guysss...

In this time I will give you a blogger tutorials for newbies, it's about "How To Make a Blog in Blogspot". It's need the short and simple ways. Just a few minutes. Before you start, you must have a gmail account. Click here to make your gmail account for free

Oke, let's follow the instruction below:
  1. Click here to start make your own blog Blogger
  2. You will directed to blogger homepage. Click " Create A Blog" button.
  3. Then, fill the following form:

how to make a blog
           Blog title: Enter your title do you want of your blog, example: internet, blogger    
           tutorials,    etc

          Blog address (URL): enter address of your blog. Example: 

          Word verufication: enter a word verification as shown on the screen.
           Then click Continue.

       4. Choose a template do you like, and then click continue:

how to make a blog

       5. If you see "Your blog has been craeted", it's mean you succeed make your own blog
           and start post on your blog. Click "Start Blogging" to start post.

how to make a blog


      6. Let's start posting on your blog.

how to make a blog

            In the box indicated by first arrow: enter title of your post

            Then, the second arrow: enter the content of your blog.
            Click "Publish Post" to publish your posting.

Oke.. I hope the article about Blogger Tutorials | How to Make a Blog in Blogspot can be useful for you. Thanks for visit my blog.


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