How To Increas Traffic Visitors to Your Blog

Posted by Arif Hidayatullah on Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hi Blogger Tutorials Friend... As I tell in my previous post that in order to increase traffic visitors to your blog, you should write a post that soe fryendly. It is one of the thousands of ways to increase visitor traffic on our blog.

And in this post, I will share another proven way to increase traffic visitors to your blog and your blog will be guaranteed a position at the top in search engines result if you can do well.

increas visitors traffic

maybe you already know about this, but here I  
just wanted to share my knowledge I have gained.

I have three ways fatherly increase traffic visitors to your blog which I hope can be useful for you.
Well just go ahead
and follow the instruction below:

1. Laying Keyword Strategy:
    Search engines like google or yahoo basing keyword placement strategy for ranking a website. Here are some ways that you should look at when putting the keyword:
  •      Title tag should contain your main keywords to be indexed well in search engines
  •      Heading tags should start from the keyword as it would at first crawler by                           search  engines
  •      Use the ALT in the images on your blog to Search Engines
  •      Try not to let you put an external link on the keywords you target
  •      Try to keep the keyword density on each post min 2% - 5%.
  •      If the use of too many keywords in posts, replace with a synonym for the keyword you        are not considered SPAM.

 2. Backlink

     Backlink is so important for your blog. Try to keep your website get      
     incoming links or backlinks from other websites that are related to your content and the  
     blog has such high authority high PR. The more other websites link to your blog will  
     eat the higher your blog ranking well.

 3. Search Engine Algorithms

     Each of search engine has different algorithm to rank a blog. Most SEO tips for blog  
    traffic will be common among all search engines but Google has a unique algorithm which  
    allows it to support additional SEO tips as well, including sitemaps are used to index  
    websites  and blogs. Using a robots.txt file can help to tell google the file you want on the   
    index, or who do not want in the index.

That is the tips about how to increase visitor traffic to your blog, I'm sorry if my spelling is difficult to understand. thank you for visiting my blog.

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