The Key To Optimize Your SEO Result

Posted by Arif Hidayatullah on Friday, May 25, 2012

You often be disappointed by the results of your SEO?

Hopefully not, but if it is, of course there are things that you do not want to happen.

Either because your web traffic is still quiet, keyword research is wrong, or whatever. But the one I need to underline, if you are really in SEO, you should be a good, high quality, UNIQUE and most wanted product in market. 

Without these things above, the peoples that come to your blog will be in vain, because buyers will only buy if the product he was looking really fit the criteria.
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How To Make Popular Post Widget on Your Blog

Posted by Arif Hidayatullah on Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hellow Blogger Tutorials friends, Now I will give you a tips and tricks that you may not to miss it. Well, I will talk about How to Make Popular Post on Your Blog. As the name suggests, this widget will display the article / post on the most popular on our blog. That is posting the most frequented by visitors.

Well, it's just a simple ways to make it. Please follow these steps: 
1. Login to your blogger account. 
2. Go to Layout menu. 
3. Click add a gadget, look at the image below: 

4. And then, click/add popular post

5. Next, you can modify your widget as you well. Look at the image below:

6. Save it.

Hmm.. Is that a simple ways? I hope you can do it well. Thanks for atention.
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SEO : Key to Make Money on the Web

Posted by Arif Hidayatullah on Wednesday, February 22, 2012

If you want to make money on the web, there are an important tool that you should simply add to your arsenal. Search engine optimization, sometimes referred  as "SEO", is the process of making your website rank higher among search engine results.When someone goes to a search engine and types in a search request, the search engine generates results in a numbered list. The only way people see is that if your site is ranked on the first pages of search results. In fact, research suggests that up to 75% of people who never look beyond the first page of search results.That's why it is important to know the search engine optimization, if you want to make money on the web.

SEO is sometimes seen as a terribly complicated process.Everyone has different opinions on the best ways to get your site to move higher in the standings, but frankly there are only a few methods that have proven to work. If you want to make money on the web, the first step is to master these proven methods of SEO.

First, make sure that your site is well optimized. You will need to search for key words that people most often used to identify products or services. For example, if you sell organic dog food, people are probably looking for "organic dog food" or perhaps "where to buy organic food dog." If you include these keywords on your website in the right places, you can rank higher for those phrases in search engine results. You want to include keywords in your meta tags, your post titles, and all content. You can learn more about how to search for keywords and use them in your content doing some research online or hire a writer to help SEO.

Secondly, you should begin to build back links to your website. As you build valuable links to your website on the Internet, not only increases the referral traffic, but increase your search rankings as well. If you want to make money on the web, building back links is an important step. You can create back links good in many ways, but many article directories for publication of articles relating to their website.

You can also create your own jobs search using social networks to create back links. Using sites like Twitter and Facebook to link to your site, you can insert new links for your valuable site on the internet and also promote your website for people interested in your niche.

If you want to make money on the web, do not forget to add search engines to your strategy. Using proven SEO techniques, you can increase your rankings for research and reach more customers with your products. The result is a huge increase in traffic and hopefully, you will see an increase as great as your sales.

Stephanie Everette is an entrepreneur who loves to help people solve problems.

Did you know that 95% of people fail to get leads and cash-low and I found a way to solve the problem
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Online Business Ideas 2012

Posted by Arif Hidayatullah on Friday, January 6, 2012

Many people are ready to go from the daily work routine year after year and find that tired with business, as it is today, do not earn enough income or obtain the lifestyle they thought they would.

Winning a stable financial future looks like for them, that will never happen. There are, however, due to the rapid development and spread of the Internet, opportunities for individuals to a stable financial future and the lifestyle of building a successful online business. With this rapid growth of electronic media, Internet technology and new marketing techniques that people can now use a variety of online business ideas for 2012, as it may choose to build a business.

Who wants to benefit from an online business has this as an opportunity, benefit may be long. A huge amount of goods and services are in demand all over the world today, and the Internet, the use of new modern marketing techniques to easily meet the demanding publicly. People seek solace on the World Wide Web to meet these requirements. The fast-acting technology will help an individual in the selection of online business ideas for 2012.The demand for products and services is now so large that one person to find the business opportunity in the context of the right of this industry and a reasonable living from an internet business.

Before you should select from one company to consider what your goals for the new business field. The success is likely to occur immediately, as some publicity seems to show. Any viable and successful business requires a steady and reasonable action plan. The partnership with an organization who possess knowledge and experience can apply it to lead people who are willing to use their skills to learn how to build a successful business. This does not mean that it is necessary, all the individual skills is required. Will there be a requirement for a person to leave their comfort zone. As of today, great online business ideas for 2012, the step to support the passage through a free Web site, training shown to provide a call center and experienced people who need help building a successful business together. Higher profit margins by building an online business from home can be achieved by individuals. While brick and mortar type businesses is still necessary, and probably always will be, online business is a booming business.

Finally, with the many ways to earn a living today, people are looking now more than ever an economic opportunity. People can focus on their abilities to trade knowledge and subscribe to the availability of a support system, selected from online business ideas for 2012. Take your time and resources, can become successful entrepreneurs online and meet your goals in life.

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Starting An Online Business Without Investment Money

Posted by Arif Hidayatullah

What's stopping you? Want to be an online entrepreneur? Then do it! You can start an online business without investing money.Start a blog and take massive action. Follow these four steps and you will succeed.

To start an online business without investing money, the blog is a great way to start. A blog is a simple website where a person posts. All that the person has to invest to start a blog is the annual domain name and monthly hosting. That's it. With the accommodation of a person getting an affiliate link to promote the hosting site to get you started. You have everything you need to start blogging your way to profits.

The next step in creating an online business without investing money for the master keyword research. Google offers a free keyword tool. The tool displays the volume of research for a keyword and also provides competition. Competition is like many other sites using the keyword. It is best to choose keywords for a high volume of traffic and the low amount of competition. These keywords are: Golden Nugget and must use them correctly.

The third step in creating an online business without investing money with blogs is the choice of an appropriate title. A blog entitled therefore includes the keyword Golden Nugget. Then type the title into Google and see the number of sites that are presented. First, it is likely that the millions. Keep your title in quotation marks, and change the title because the results are returned 10,000 or less. This ensures that your title is.

The fourth step in creating an online business without investing money for the investment of blogs for your keywords accordingly.As mentioned above, the keyword will be in the titles and put it in the URL in the blog. Then you must be the keyword in the first sentence of the blog. Then the keyword should be repeated every hundred words in the entire ticket. Finally, put the keyword tags on the job.

The combination of these four steps and you can start an online business without investing money. Once you have your blog, using Google Analytics. What you need to make sure that your keywords work is to open the tool, and traffic sources. In organic production and show keywords people use to find your site. Take the following keywords and create more content based on them.You can be successful in their understanding. Act now! There is nothing in the way.

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Creating a Successful Brand Marketing Plan

Posted by Arif Hidayatullah

Companies adapt to changing times, using the modern marketing of the brand to reach a wider audience. Social media brand could be probably used the most modern. And "the most convenient way to get a large audience and advertising your brand without spending a dime.

Take a look at some numbers from this strategy. Social networks are responsible for 22% of total time spent on the web in 85% of U.S. web users U. S. have a Facebook account, while 49% are on Twitter. At the same time, YouTube is now the search engine the second largest in the world. You will see even more people in other engines social media. For this reason, 50% of companies have created social networking pages of their own. The success of advertising on these sites to promote their personal brand to many people online.

Not all companies are able to label social media. An experienced consultant will say that personal branding is more than just people who attended. This is to get their interest and turning it into two things: advice and profits. You should make a lasting impression on your customers and prospects.

Keep these tips in mind when signing a social media site, be it a blog, social network, or other engines of social media. Identify your goals. Improve sales and attract new customers could be your main objective to create pages on these sites, but they should not be just your goals. What message would you give your readers or viewers? You will be able to process more interesting, high quality materials when you have a message or a specific goal in mind.

Choose an entry for the hardware. And "recommended to stick with one voice in social media campaign. This would let your followers know the distinctiveness of your company. You must be a serious matter, and noise or light and easy to reach? Load the materials that exhibit this entry. In this way, can certainly help establish the character of your company in the minds of your followers.

Build your image. Make sure the look and feel of all social networking sites arranged. Many consider the issue as critical to follow product pages. Keep clean and simple, but unique and artistic. Put your logo on all materials to encourage the recall of the brand.

Regularly.One update of the main objectives of the social stigma of the media is to speak personally with your market. Be sure to keep the connection once it starts to communicate with them.Most social media sites allow you to schedule messages and updates. Prepare materials in advance so you do not use all your new messages. It is recommended to program a couple of hours every day and read what you said to your disciples. You can take applications and answer often asked at once, but can be answered in due course.

Establish benchmarks. It is often necessary to consider if you do not achieve your goals. Assess what performance indicators will be most important to consider, depending on the project. This may include the number of comments received, or as new followers, the actions of other media sites, and conversion statistics. Change your strategy and adjust their reference points, as we continue.

Find the help of a personal branding consultant. There are quite a few provide personal branding consulting services for online businesses. These include marketing and branding trends very well and it may be easier to develop an effective marketing campaign for the brand. It saves time and energy with their help and expertise.

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10 Ways to Promote Your Online Business

Posted by Arif Hidayatullah

Advertise for your online business the smart way to get more inquiries and customers. The Internet offers a quick and measurable results, so you can react quickly to new opportunities. Best of all offers, the Internet provides a number of ways to promote your business for absolutely free.

Here are our top ten tips for promoting your business online.

First Get a website, and if you do not have an established charge. There are several platforms that allow you to build a perfectly adequate place for free like WordPress, and Google Sites. Once you have a website, then you can be indexed in search engines to attract on relevant research, the new people to your business.

Second Subscribe to Twitter and target groups. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that works like a big conversation in real time. Once you've created a Twitter account for your company, can in and out of conversations and discussions in order to attract the attention of potential customers.

Third Getting more backlinks to your website. If you already have a website then getting other relevant sites to link to you will benefit in two ways. First draws more visitors from these compounds, but search engines see your site is growing in popularity and reward it with a better ranking in search results relevant.

4th Optimize your website for natural search. The search engines will not display your website in search results relevant if it has made it easier for them to understand what is going on your website. This can help Search Engine Optimization or SEO you make the relevance of your site.

5th Try free AdWords. Many companies are now offering £ 25 or £ 50 voucher for advertisers, the leading pay-per-click advertising platform, try Google. AdWords allows your website in the sponsored links displayed in the search results.

6th E-mail marketing to your database. Use (maybe giving away a freebie as an incentive) your website with a database of investigators or the creation of a mailing list to build the previous customers. Then email the list regularly to additional business from these leads extract.

7th Subscribe to Google Places. Create or obtain a list of Google Places for your business and you will start to appear in the search map and in the future, more attention has been on Google + social networks.

8th Create a Facebook page to promote your business, then this page is in their existing contacts first start building a network of supporters. Set prices for your followers and Facebook, to give them a reason to follow or recommended.

9th Subscribe to Web sites online directory. A quick Google search will show a list of the best free sites online directory, but you can also use specialized directories for specific regions or industries. Site directory listings can draw in more traffic and also help your site appear popular search engines.

10th Create and upload a YouTube video. The technology at affordable prices means that more simply, their own short videos about a topic they know then share them on YouTube and Facebook and other social channels to produce.

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