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Posted by Arif Hidayatullah on Friday, December 2, 2011

Hi Guys, in this time I will inform you an article about Google Panda Change Paradigm of SEOGoogle Panda is an update to the Google algorithm, which was launched in March 2011. The immediate effect is a shuffle of search results, many websites are ranking plummeted, many also rose unexpectedly. The psychological effect is no less great than its technical effect, many online businesses that depend from Google a headache thinking about his fate.

What online business do to save their fate? In principle SEO philosophy not far away, follow the search engines what they want, in this case Google. What Google wants after the launch of Panda update? We must change the paradigm of our SEO.

Panda is the fruit of the hands of a Google engineer named Navneet Panda who has expertise in machine learning algorithms, computer teaching techniques. In the world of search engines, the engineers tried to teach the computer where the website is good so it deserves a high ranking websites and what is bad and should get a low ranking. Navneet Panda algorithm developed makes Google's ability to machine learning has increased dramatically.

Google is trying to move people into the mindset of computational logic. In an interview, Amit Singhal and Matt Cutts pointed out some of the questions that arise in our minds when we are dealing with a website. "Do you trust to buy the products offered on the website and pay with your credit card?" "Are you convinced of the truth of medical information available on the website so that you can decide what's best for the health problems facing your child?" Or a more simple question like "Do you like the website design that?" All questions boils down to trust, credibility, quality.
With a variety of parameters, the system separates the preferred site and the people who are less favored people, and then sorted by a variety of other parameters. problem parameters are no longer used as a determinant of the old parameters are first believed to be a lot of SEO practitioners. With machine learning technology, Google's system constantly "learning" and "hone" to select and sort, where people enjoy increased website ranking, where websites are not favored by inherited rank.

So basically a new thing that requires a different approach to SEO. Over the years we have a lot of ups and downs with the technical SEO that is now arguably the classic SEO techniques. Build good content, making it easily accessible by search engines, conduct keyword research, entering keywords into the content, get links, and so on. Now we are required to think about something completely different. Kit should give a good experience for visitors to explore our website. We must build a brand that is loved and trusted.
Panda suddenly raise the profile of SEO work into an online marketing strategist. Now whatever you do with your website in the virtual domain can now affect SEO. Now Google is no longer measure how much a link received by a website, or other parameters that we used to believe to be the dominant factor.

So what should we do now?
First, the design and user experience. Actually, SEO experts have long stressed the importance of design and user experience to attract more links, the people who are interested to contribute content, parameters such as the share of social media and tweets, and so on. But by then the resulting effects are secondary. Now the effect is changed to be primary. Website full of ads, link structure is complicated, until the old visual design can affect the performance of the website. Do not forget also that Google says, though you have a great site, if any part of the website is bad, will affect the assessment of the site as a whole.

Quality content is highly influential. SEO experts often emphasize the first to have good content, unique, and useful. Now that alone is not enough anymore. There are very many people - far more than the number of positions on the first page of a topic - the build quality content for his website, with proper grammar, writing errors corrected with thorough, and consistent with the topic.

You may think "I'll have 10,000 pages about hotels around the world, I would hire a copywriter to write content that is SEO friendly, for each page of at least 100 words". You think you will get a high ranking? One great! You just may get a penalty from Google. Panda is designed to get rid of the website whose content is directed for SEO purposes. Tub and unique content that is not enough, you must ensure that the content is interesting for visitors, make visitors want to read and share it through social media networks.

A visitor who is looking for cheap hotels in Bali to find our web pages about tourism in Bali and he thought "Wonderful, good writing, interesting topic, there are funny-funny, interesting pictures, no video activity holiday, cool". He did not find what he was looking at our web page, but she had already fallen in love.He's bookmarks on Delicious, he's like on the share on Facebook, he sent a link to his uncle who happens also are planning a vacation. He found no social media buttons on that page, then he's like on Facebook, follow him on Twitter. Such a picture about our current target of optimization. 100% different from SEO which we know so far, at least 3 times a keyword is called, there should be keywords in title tag, the description tag, the content must be relevant to the keywords, links from other high pagerank websites with anchor text that contains keywords, etc..

Optimization required other metrics associated with visitors and activities, a comparison between our website with other websites that have the same topic. Design, layout, content, structure, and all other elements must be able to make the visitor to linger at home on our website. How long visitors are on our website?What is even so go straight out again? How many web pages are accessed by the time he came to our website? What is even masik landing page right out again? We used to talk to traffic, the higher the traffic the better. Many of us even buy traffic, traffic generation or participate in a program where we have to visit other websites so that we get requests. Now, high traffic may actually backfire. If the visitor lot but once inside straight out again, our website will be judged as a bad site, not worth visiting.

Not only does the visitor straight away again when we go to the website, where their want to be a concern. Visitors who leave our website by following the link on our website, much better than the visitors who return again to Google and repeat the search, or return to the search results page and try another website. Why? Because if visitors follow the link on our website, we at least considered to provide useful information for visitors. If the visitor back to Google, which means they are not satisfied with our website. Again, once we are very stingy give the link. Now give the link can actually save us from bad judgments google.

The quality and diversity of visitors is now also an important factor. Does our website visitors only come from Indonesia alone or from around the world. How the history of each visitor. Which websites visited before entering our website. Which websites visited after leaving our website. Quality websites are in Google's eyes.

Google has all the means that he needs to be able to identify this information. The information is then fed to the machine learning algorithms. Before processing the information to assess the website, their system uses that information to enhance your "knowledge" it first. Because that's when we noticed, the Google update was released after the panda is much slower.

We used to hear people ask "website I got the sandbox, do not come out well." Now we begin to hear "I got the Google Website panda, has been tampered and there but still has not come out well." The problem was different. First, the updates are slower, so it is waiting for updates too much longer, and our website's ranking will not change before the update. But despite his time See you updates, our website will not rank up again just by tweaking the parameters of an old fashioned SEO. Unless we can change the behavior of your visitors, ranking we will not go up. One example of the parameters and how to look at it, try logging into Google Analytics and see if the length of time per visit on your website increased? If not, do not expect your rankings will soar again.

For those who are accustomed to and had good results with the old SEO approach, of course update this Panda is a severe blow, because the websites that rank falls, no longer be saved by a long way. To save the websites that rank falls due Panda Update, you must start from zero, with a new paradigm, with a very different way. But in fact Google only reinforce the philosophy that has held firm for a long time. Google wants to provide quality search results, only the quality websites that can get good grades.

Basically, the owner of the website visitors who come first, prioritize consumer, will still survive. Those who fall, should start to change the philosophy of its existence in the virtual domain.Similar to traditional shops which should place the highest priority on customer satisfaction, site visitors should also place the highest priority.

By read the article about Google Panda Changed Paradigm of SEO, I hope you can improved your blog by follow the Alogrithm of Google Panda. Don't go anywhere, you may also like this article: Black Hat vs White Hat SEO... Thanks for visited Blogger Tutorials Blog.

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