The Best Google Adsense Ads Position on Your Blog

Posted by Arif Hidayatullah on Friday, December 23, 2011

Hi Blogger Tutorial friends. Previously I've posted about the way to Earn Money from Google Adsense. And now I will try to explain how to Increas your Income from Google Adsense by placing the Ads in the best position to click by visitors.

Ok, please look at the picture:

The images above explain that the darkest color have the higher CTR than the other places. If you follow the  way, I'm sure it will greatly affect to your Google Adsense income. Althought  the Ads placement maps work as a guide to determine your Ads position, but you should prioritize yuor blog visitors to determinant the Ads places. It's mean that you should to look to the the most clicked Ads position on your blog.

Well, it's my tips about The Best Google Adsense Ads Position on Your Blog. thanks for visiting.

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Muthu Paiyan said...

Good information.

ace maxs said...

informasinya sangat membantu gan

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