9 Ways to increase income from Google Adsense

Posted by Arif Hidayatullah on Monday, December 26, 2011

9 Ways to increase income from Google Adsense. There are many ways to increas earning from Google Adsense. Every  successfully publisher who ger the thousand of dollars earning have the their own techniques. You can read the story of a successful publisher in adsense official blog. Learn and apply their techniques to increase your income.

I just tell you the general way to increas earning from Adsense.
  1. Increase the visitors traffic. Traffic is the key to get success from adsense. The most difficult part of Google Adsense business is bring high traffic to your blog. Before developing other techniques, focusing first on the traffic. One of the important factor is the country of  your blog visitors.The high CPC (Cost Per Click) come from the visitors from Europe, US and other developed countries.
  2. Choosing the Best Ads Position on your blog The second factor is the position of the Ads. The primary key is getting closer to the content the better. The Ads location above the contents is more profitable than under. Laying the ads on the left is better than on the right. But this guide is just a habit not necessarily match on your blog. To ensure the right ad positions you need to be testing this for several days straight. Read my previously article about the Best Google Adsense Ads Position on your Blog
  3. Selecting the optimal size of the Ad unit. Guide Basically, the larger size is usually better conversions than at small sizes.
  4. Choosing the optimal color Ad. Usually the publisher chose the blend colour Ad with their website. It's to outwit the visitors . But In fact the most of Internet user already know that the adsense ads that you attach is advertising. Finally, visitors feel lazy to look. And when you put different colors of your ads with your blog it's may take attention of visitors. So they are interested and click some advertising links.
  5. Add links to other pages. Perhaps you feel that by reducing the internal links on your blog will make visitors click on ads, but not I think it's not necessarily because it could not have ads that match and there are not interesting. By providing an internal link to another article will make visitors open the more page of your blog that will eventually be met with ads that match.
  6. Writing posts is continuously. Continuously writing posts is one key to a successful adsense because in addition to adding index pages of your blog on adsense, google also likes the web that is always updated. Other benefits are common for visitors to come back to the blog article that gives a unique, rewarding quality and always updated.
  7. Focus of writing the Articles that containing the High Paying Keyword. To appear the high cost per click Ads on your blog we should write the related articles topic to PPC Adversiting. High Paying Keyword PPC tends to be the keywords that have high click values. HPK is what I mean here not only keywords that are circulating on the Internet or the results of your research via the tool. But PPC can also be obtained specifically from the ads that already appear on your blog. Of course, each ad has a different value per clicks. With a specific analysis tool you can see the value of clicks from ads on your website and which pages are from your blog.
  8.  Adding adsense for search. Adding adsense search box on the post or on the search page it can add income between 20% to 50%. Do not let the opportunity is lost, immediately plug for adsense search box on your blog.
  9. Adding adsense for feeds. If you have blog feeds members more than 500 peopels, not hurt you to start giving adsense ads on your feeds. If you put an ad in a feed you should set the feed to display the article in full. If you are setting up only a portion of the article alone, will appear only feeds the impression that you are using to lure advertising alone.
It's 9 Ways to increase income from Google Adsense, thanks for visiting.

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