Increase Visitors Traffic With a Simple Method

Posted by Arif Hidayatullah on Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hi Blogger Tuturials Friends.. Previously I have posted an article about How to Increas Visitors Traffic to your blog. Now, I will completed it with a new post about how to Increas Visitor Traffic with a simple method.

increas visitors traffic

Let follow these way:

Search Engine Submission

That 90% of traffic comes from search engines like google,yahoo, bing and many more. how to get index your blog in searchengin is to submit your blog URL in the directory. then how do they do that?
Here are the steps:

-Go to Free Web Submission, and then write down your blog URL and select the search engine to
indexing your blog. Done!

-Or can also send separately to the three search engines namely Google,
yahoo, and bing, as well as visiting the following link:

Submit Blog to Blog Directories

Well, now you have done the most important parts by submittingyour blog in search engines. The next step is to submit your blog to blog directories, which is a way of giving out the quality of blog traffic. There are many blog directories, but only a few areeffective. With submit your blog to blog directories to help tell the existence of at least our blog, and we will easily get visitors.

Use Social Networking To Attract Attention To Our Blog
Everyone uses Facebook, Twitter, such as social sites to connect with friends, family and the world. Use this to get readers andtraffic to the blog.
There are many other sites to use where you can promote your blog. Make every article we post on the blog, it will also automatically post them on our facebook account and Twiiter. It is an effective way to attract visitors to our blog.

Get Through attention to Article Directories

There are many article directories where you can submit your articles to social networks for free, for example, Facebook, Twitter,etc ... The steps are:

-Writing 5-10 of articles 
-Make a good description of your profile are placed under your article.
-Use the link to your blog as a sign that it is your article.
-And Posting! 

Blogwalking and Comment

Maybe this is the most natural way to promote your blog or find backlinks. And this way I see for yourself, even for most bloggers,surely must do so. And the result was enough to raise the traffick of our blog. Participate in the Forum

Forums are also a good way to promote and attract readers to our blog. What to do?

-Find the forum related to the topic of your blog.
-Certainly Sign-Up!
-Interact with other people and while looking for the knowledge!
-Creates a link to your blog as a "signature" or a link to our blog,to appear under each of your posts.
-Signature (the link to your blog) you'll let people know about you and your blog.Content Is King

Unique content is always preferred, and do not be afraid when we are in the copy and paste content, hohoho ... it has becomedestiny of a great article. And for me, actually I feel proud when someone, copy and paste, it means the article I wrote wasinteresting and nice, although sometimes make irritated! And also not a hypocrite, for reference I also have a cheat. hihihii still learning: P
For content, try the title and content as interesting as possible, the goal is to make people / visitors curious to read our article.

Well Blogger Tutorials friends. I hope the article about How to Increas Visitors Traffic with a simple Method can be useful for you. Thanks for your visited.

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saha said...

informative!!!. advertisements also helps to increase the visitors. it is that where you place your ads and how you do it. ads in social networking sites helps you a lot. also helped me through their seo services.

kalvin said...

Below I have listed a few simple ways to increase website traffic that are commonly overlooked.
search engine submission

John Laura said...

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