On Page SEO is Needed

Posted by Arif Hidayatullah on Sunday, January 1, 2012

On page SEO is  very satisfied process of optimization the contents, even meta-tags of the web page. These are activities that provide a page that can be indexed by search engine robots.

On Page SEO

SEO experts use in the manufacture of a variety of ways. Here are some key points to remember.
  • Create a title for your site.
Create a title for your Web site could be problematic. You need a product or service that you have and you should also optimize your site. The most effective method is to have your keywords in the title. The beauty of this method gives you a title that is related to the subject and at the same time, helps to optimize the page.However, it is necessary to combine and reduce these words in a way that is still relevant to readers.
  • Use tag header accordingly.
According to Rand Fishkin, recent studies have shown that head-tag is a bit 'rankings with the search engines. However, it is always advisable to use this day for important keywords and titles.
  • Write the contents of the page.
First, there is a minimum to limit the number of words in writing the content. However, you still need to cap off a good salary to show your competitive advantage. The best way to write and optimize your content for keywords to include. Try to count the keywords of the course and maintain the relevance of the content on this topic. Try not too well. The search engines will mark as spam and may ban your site.
  • With an image Alt tags
Adding an image to your web site can enhance the look of your website. These images can easily optimize your web page with the image alt tags. There is a huge advantage because you may include the main keywords in it. The disadvantage is that you can be labeled as spam if you do not do well, but could easily be avoided. Just be sure to have a word with a relative concept, topic, keyword or a word that defines your business and combine it with words such as graphics or add a picture.

The keyword is a very important part of your web page. Set may increase your level, on the other side would be irrelevant content and spam your efforts go to waste.
View reference: http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Gian_Paulo_R_Lardizabal

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Nice post on SEO! I was about to make a post on that, and this gives some good ideas. Thanks so much!

jackobsbrandon said...

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Nice post on SEO! I was about to make a post on that, and this gives some good ideas. Thanks so much!

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